About Shenzhen Kedali Industry Co., Ltd

Kedali was founded in 1996 and was listed on the SME Board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in March 2017 (stock code: 002850), with a registered capital of 210 million yuan. It is a R&D and manufacturing enterprise for precision structural parts of lithium batteries and automotive structural parts. Its main products fall into the categories of lithium battery precision structural parts and automotive structural parts, widely used in many industries such as automobiles and new energy vehicles, portable communications and electronic products, electric power tools, and energy storage power stations.

Kedali is committed to positioning in the high-end market and adopting the Key Account Strategy(KAS) in major areas. With its advanced technology, high-quality production capacity, efficient R&D and supply system, and supreme product quality, it has attracted many high-end and quality customers of power batteries at home and abroad. It has established long-term and stable strategic partnerships with domestic leading manufacturers such as CATL, BYD, CALB, EVE Energy, SUNWODA, Lishen and overseas well-known customers such as Panasonic, LG, Northvolt, Faurecia, etc.

Kedali is headquartered in Longhua district, Shenzhen and successively established holding subsidiaries in Shanghai, Xi’an, Huizhou, Jiangsu, Dalian, Fujian and Germany. At home, it has formed production bases in lithium battery industry’s key areas such as East China, South China, North China, Northeast China and Northwest China. At abroad, it will set up supporting production bases near its customers’ places of production in Germany, Sweden, etc., which can efficiently work with surrounding customers to provide better service to customers and stabilize cooperation relationship with its supply chain suppliers. Kedali’s major products all have independent intellectual property rights and it has mastered a number of core technologies including safety explosion-proof, anti-leakage, ultra-long drawing, power failure protection, automatic assembly and intelligent pressure testing technologies. As of the end of 2019, Kedali and its subsidiaries had 159 patents and 19 invention patents, including 2 Japanese patents, 2 Korean patents, 2 Taiwan patents, 1 U.S. patent, 140 utility model patents, and 3 Computer Software Copyrights.

After more than 20 years of development, Kedali has embraced outstanding R&D technical strength in the field of precision structural parts for power lithium batteries applied in new energy vehicles and has formed a large scale of production and sales, occupying a leading market position. Since new energy vehicles are currently in the rising momentum of the industry’s long-term boom, the precision structural parts of power lithium batteries applied in the industry benefit from it and thus also witness broad market prospects.