Quality Policy
Last Updated on 06-Feb-2024
Effective Date from 06-Feb-2024


Kedali Sweden AB is committed to quality in all aspects of our business and is aiming to establish itself in a leading position in the manufacturing of precision components for lithium-ion batteries, specifically battery cans, in Skellefteå.


Kedali Sweden AB is strongly committed to safety in the production process, compliance with laws and regulations, and production of high-quality products.


We aim to satisfy customer expectations and even exceed them. We characterise issues with measurable objectives and proactively work to achieve them.


We collaborate and communicate with customers and suppliers to deliver the best quality possible in both products and services.


We recognize that Kedali Sweden AB has a responsibility not only towards customers and suppliers but also society as a whole and work to meet the expectations.


We strive to continuously improve our products and processes.


Employees at all levels of the organization take responsibility for their contribution to the quality targets and are committed to act as part of the established procedures and comply with corporate guidelines.