Whistleblowing Policy
Last Updated On 09-Apr-2024
Effective Date 09-Apr-2024

At Kedali, We urge all members of our workforce and associated stakeholders to come forward with any suspicions of malpractice.

It is incumbent upon us all to uphold ethical standards and to alert the relevant authorities if there is any deviation from Kedali’s Code of Conduct or legal statutes. Kedali has zero tolerance for retaliation against anyone who reports wrongdoings in good faith.

Examples of reportable infractions include antitrust breaches, fraudulent activities, and instances of corruption. Additionally, any grave instances of discrimination or harassment should not go unreported.

We would like you to reach out to their immediate supervisor or the next level of management; Seek assistance from the HR department. Alternatively, submit a report through the external whistleblowing platform, Whistleblow, Click Here.

to go to the whistleblower reporting system or type the following URL in your web browser: with the option to remain anonymous.

Note! Do not include sensitive personal data about any individual mentioned in your report if it is not necessary to describe your concern.

For more information, download the Whistleblowing Policy by clicking the bottom below,